Monday, May 17, 2010

Restaurant Amuse

Being a foodie who is trying to be hip in the world of fine dining in Perth, Restaurant Amuse was a long time coming.  We were seated in a side room near the main entrance, dimly lit, which seems to be ambience fad these days.

A waiter took our drinks order and after a while, first course was served which was an Amuse Bouche consisting of frozen foie gras,white chocolate ganache and a combination of lumpfish caviar and salmon roe.  The combination of flavours was a match made in heaven and at the end of the night, thia was my favourite course.

Next was blue fin tuna sashimi served as small cubes with watermelon cubes on top of a horseradish granita.  Being a big fan of most things raw, I very much liked the dish, especially the contrast between sweetness contributed by the watermelon and the spiciness of the horseradish granita.  A perfect summer day's dish.

The next course delivered was the barrramundi, squid and mojama served on arroz negra.  I've had arroz negra many times before and suggest those who haven't tried it, to look past the black colour and give it a go.  The dish was cooked well but lacked the wow factor for me of the previous two courses.

The main course was up next which consisted of a medallion of MSA graded Cape Grimm beef with baby carrots, marrow ball with a borderlaise sauce.  The beef was cooked to perfection and the bordelaise sauce was indeed tasty.  A contender for best dish.

The pre-dessert was the next to be served.  This course consisted of vanilla and walnut ice cream with white chocolate and walnut shavings.  I'm sure the last sentence would have made many mouths water.  Even better when you actually try it yourself

The dessert course came next. Passionfruit bavarois with coconut espuma was served nestled closely to guava sorbet elegantly wrapped in a passionfruit strap.  A very good looking dessert which didn't taste too bad either.

Petit fours concluded the food portion of the meal. Two delicious chocolate truffles and a chocolate brownie each sweetened the deal, so to speak.

Coffee was served but like most other fine dining places in Perth, one should pass on the coffee and go to a better barista.

The meal as a whole was worthwhile experience, albeit a long one.  Thirty minute waits between each course was too long and the night seemed to drag out.  Maybe it was our seats in the quiet side room which may have made the wait between courses seem long and drawn out.  Make sure you take someone you can chat to a lot!  The waitstaff were attentive to ones wishes but the experience was better when someone from the kitchen served a course, their passion behind the dish obvious and warming.  I wish I had more of that or if the non-kitchen waitstaff shared the passion of their kitchen-side compatriots.  Instead of being a bunch of short stories told one after the another, the meal could have been an thrilling adventure with the audience eagerly awaiting the next scene.  With the food up to a high standard, hopefully the service will soon catch up.

Food - 7.7 - Hard to find better in Perth.
Value - 1.5 - Good value for the quality of dishes.

Final rating: 92%

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