Friday, May 21, 2010

Lido - Vietnamese (not lemonade)

For those expecting a review of the cheap lemonade of the same name, I apologise but this is a review of the Vietnamese Restaurant in Northbridge.

Struggling to decide where to go for lunch, the decision was finally made to go to Lido.  Good things have been heard of this place and we were quickly seated upon arrival.  The menu was quite vast with some dishes I have not seen in other similar Vietnamese eateries.  I decided to go with my staple choices of raw beef and beef ball pho and a ice cendol.  Breaking out of the mould I ordered the stuffed chicken wings too.

The wait for food was short and my pho was soon delivered with a side dish containing the usual bean sprouts, chilli and vietnamese mint.  In went the sprouts and chilli as the stuffed chicken wings arrived, but more on the chicken later.  The pho was different from other places and was quite pleasant.  However it could have been a little bit hotter, maybe it was the wintery weather outside making me wanting something hotter.  The raw beef was now cooked and tasted great.  The beef ball was the best version I've had in Perth and its tenderness suggested it was quite fresh and not stored in a freezer (well not for long anyway).

The stuffed chicken wings were hot so we let them rest for a while.  When the eager wait was over I eagerly bit into the stuffed chicken wing goodness.  Inside was chicken, ground pork and some carrot.  The inside was tasty and moist and the wings were not greasy.  This suggested the wings were fresh and cooked at an appropriate temperature oil.  Vietnamese dipping sauce was also provided which added some nice balance.  I think next time I come to Lido, I'll try the broken rice with a serving of these stuffed chicken wings (just) for myself!

The staff were very friendly and the restaurant inside looked much cleaner and modern than other similar places.  I do recommend a visit, for dinner or for lunch, if you are out for some Vietnamese.  Bookings I assume will be essential.

Food - 7.0 - Quality of food is higher than other similar places.
Value - 1.0 - Average prices.

Final rating: 80%

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