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Another fine dining institution of Perth which I was dying to try out finally came to fruition one quiet Saturday night.  After a short and cool leisurely stroll along Beaufort Street, we entered with due expectation.  Expectation duly met and more.

Degustation was the choice of fare for the night and after a wickedly refreshing champagne cocktail I was ready for a good meal.  A serving of bread and butter tempered my hunger before the actual degustation began.

First thing not on the menu was a Greek salad in a cornet.  Small cones were filled with a filling of cone, filled with Persian feta, gazpacho sorbet, anchovy, smoked salmon, red onion,a little lettuce topped with a olive tapenade.  Packed with lots of flavour and creamy goodness, this was a great start to the night.

First course was an interpretation of a chicken caesar salad.  Baby cos lettuce leaves, shaved parmesan, white anchovies, jamon and quail egg ticked all the boxes of a caesar salad

Second course was poached salmon with a vanilla dust topped with horseradish alongside a beetroot risotto.  The salmon was warm and I could taste the vanilla but something was missing.  The beetroot risotto was however divine.

Next thing not on the menu was two chicken parfaits. Pate fans this is your dish.  The chicken liver flavour was strong and lingered.  Insert refreshing alcohol beveridge here.

Back to the menu was the "steamed bun".  The "steamed bun" was actually scallop mouse in the classic shape of a steamed bun.  Light and sweet, are two words that describe heaven and I wouldn't be surprised they munched on these up there.

The bisteeya was next.  A tasty dish, flavours true to its Morrocan roots.

Next course was the main.  Beef or Pork were the two choices available and I chose the pork.  Crispy belly pork was accompanied with crispy pig's tails and deboned pork trotter.  Black pudding added for extra adventure.  All the components were delicious.  A letdown was that the pork trotter was not completely deboned.

To perk up spirits again, another dish not on the menu was served.  Beetroot ice cream on a chocolate torte, garnished with a mint leaf was the perfect entree to the sweet section of the meal.  Beetroot is a great food item and doesn't just belong in burgers!

The much anticipated pumpkin cheesecake came next.  The cheesecake itself was silky smooth.  Small cubes of sweet pumpkin were delicious not to mention the accompanying dollop of hazelnut ice cream.

More adventure was next with the curry creme brulee.  Yes it was a creme brulee.  And yes it did taste like curry.  I'd like it better to had this as the pre-dessert as having a curry taste in the mouth at the end of the meal wasn't all that pleasant.

I took the gambit and ordered the coffee.  Disappointment again.  It seems great food and great coffee do not mix.

The degustation was great and some would say be better that the one served at Restaurant Amuse.  The service was great, best in Perth I have experienced.  All the meals were the expected high quality and meal flowed well from beginning to end.  Some of the wait staff need to work on their knowledge of each dish but that did not really detract from the experience.  Jackson's set the bar high and maintained this standard throughout the meal.  All the bonus courses would leave many a diner that much satisfied.  The edge that Restaurant Amuse has is most of its dishes are truly out there.  Jackson's does that to much smaller degree but you are guaranteed a great tasty experience as a whole.

Food - 7.6- Consistently great food.
Value - 1.7 - Bonus dishes mean great value.

Final rating: 93%

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