Friday, May 21, 2010

To To - For your Pho fix

I don't know about you, but when the topic of Vietnamese food comes up, two things immediately pop in my head.  Pho and Vietnamese spring rolls.  These two dishes are light and nothing beats a light lunch.  Luckily for me Toto in Victoria Park is on hand to supply my Pho fix.

There are several types of Pho combinations to choose from.  Raw beef, cooked beef, tripe and beef ball are mixed and matched in several combinations.  Not one partial to offal, my choice of pho is the raw beef and beef ball combination.
The tasty pho is served with a narrow flat rice noodle and the said beef.  Most of the raw beef is cooked through by the time it arrives the table.  Bean sprouts, mint and a sauce are served in a accompanying bowl, to add at the diner's discretion.  The pho itself is tasty and the taste of cloves is clearly evident.  The once raw beef and beef balls and nice but fifferent textures.  I usually just only add the bean sprouts to add a different texture and pass on the mint.  I'm sure the mint would add some extra depth but I now ask for some cut chilli to give me a heat kick instead.  I definitely recommend adding the chilli for people who like a bit of heat.  There is a disappointing aspect of the pho though and that is the addition of MSG.  I know when there is a MSG in a dish as my mouth feels a bit numb on the inside and I am thirsty.  Depending on the day, the MSG is sometimes more or less evident than another day's pho.

Toto also has extensive drinks list.  The Vietnamese iced coffee is definitely something to try.  Other classics such as cendo are on the menu but most of the drinks are not made from fresh ingredients.

The service is quite good and friendly and the kitchen seems to be able to keep up with the popularity of this place.  I haven't had the chance to have dinner at Toto but bookings are recommended as I know this place gets very busy.

So next time you are in Victoria Park and need your Pho fix, give Toto a try.  It may not blow you away like a tornado in Kansas but it's pretty good.

Food - 6.0 - Good tasty food  Minus points for MSG use.
Value - 1.0 - Average prices.

Final rating: 70%

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  1. Thanks I just moved from Melbourne and I love Vietnamese food...having now been to both To To and Tra Vinh I will keep having a peak at your Perfood to see where to go next. :)