Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant - Canning Vale

Chinese BBQ is one of those foods that every meat lover must try. Chinese BBQ encompasses several different items with the main ones being BBQ pork or char siu, Roast pork, Roast duck and Soya chicken.

One of the best places to have this type of fare in Perth is the Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Canning Vale markets which can be entered via Bannister Road or on Ranford Road for those heading south. The place is well airconditioned as I found out on an impromptu dinner visit one hot summer evening. It was very cool and this from person that loves the cold.

One good practice to counteract the cold is drinking chinese tea and a pot was offered and taken up on. As I was there for a special dinner we ordered the house specialty, the famous dishes named Peking duck. Peking duck comprises of two courses and at this place the first course is crispy fried duck skin with Chinese pancakes. To eat this tasty dish one grabs a pancake and places hoi sin sauce, a sliver of cucumber, a sliver of spring onion and a carefully cut square of crispy duck skin on it. Wrap it up how you will and put in mouth to enjoy. In this case the skin was crispy and it was a divine way to start the meal.

The second course is Sang Choy Bow. This dish comprises of wok fried duck meat (cut into small cubes) with vegetables and pine nuts. This version did not have the nuts. The fried duck mear is accompanied with lettuce leaves. To eat this dish just grab a lettuce leaf and scoop a generous portion of duck into it. Process to consume. This version was quite tasty with the subtle flavours only a wok can pass on.

Peking duck is a nice entree for a family meal and is plenty for 4-8 people.

To round off the meal we ordered the seafood claypot along with the almost obligatory steam rice. The seafood clay pot comprised of fish, prawns, scallops, squid, straw mushrooms and some lettuce leaves lining the bottom of the metal "clay" pot. The dish was good and should be an example of what seafood claypots should contain.

Overall the meal was very good and the staff were attentive to our needs.

Food - 7.0 - Chinese BBQ is very good especially the duck.
Value - 1.1 - Is a bit more expensive than other Chinese BBQ places.

Final rating: 81%

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  1. Food is a bit pricey but more importantly the responsive service from the frontline waitresses has been wiped out by the owner’s temper. This guy swearing in Mandarin while we’re still finishing our last drop of BYO wine thinking that none of use understood his bad language. He then stacked some chairs with anger though there were still some customers around; the night was still young (9pm). Dec 5, that was my last visit; good bye!