Monday, December 28, 2009

Pink Rice - Fremantle

To put it out there, I love sushi. Furthermore I love sushi as a meal in Summer. The coolness of the food helps counteracts the heat of the season. And what better way to eat sushi but from a sushi train.

Pink Rice is indeed an odd name but this sushi train is located just a few steps from the cafe strip in Fremantle. The place is quite spacious with the sushi train going around an area where some of the sushi is prepared. The teppanyaki barbeque is also located in this section and so is a deep frier. One just takes plates from the sushi train and the bill is calculated by the waitstaff after the meal. The plates are colour coded for price and one can also order from the menu if a particular plate of goodies is not on the train. Drinks are self serve from a nearby drinks fridge.

I tried a variety of the offerings on the train and the sushi is good but not spectacular. Some items are obviously not popular as you see them pass you again and again. The variety is good but some items like the prawn cutlets and takoyaki balls are obviously not hand made but are bought frozen. The best sushi was the shitake mushroom sushi which was bountiful in flavour.
I also ordered the teppanyaki but do not expect a show. It is basically barbequed on a barbeque hot plate away from most diners. I was shocked to see the prawns I ordered being liberally coated in cooking spray at one point. The prawns arrived in a tasty teriyaki sauce with some salad.

Overall Pink Rice is not a bad place to have sushi. Don't expect top notch sushi but I do commend the service. The prices are not bad and a are less expensive than similar places in Perth. In conclusion, I would come here for a casual meal or a supper.

Food - 4.5 - OK, some are not hand made in store.
Value - 1.5 - Cheaper than similar places.

Final rating: 60%

Finer Details:
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Tuesday - Saturday 11:45am - 2:30pm
Sunday 11:45am - 3:30pm

Tuesday - Saturday 5:45pm - 9:00pm

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