Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kanta - secrets of a local favourite Japanese eatery revealed!

As you might have guessed from the name, Kanta is a Japanese restaurant nestled in Langford, one of the older suburbs in Perth. It is located in a small suburban shopping complex where an unfamiliar traveler could easily drive past. But if a traveler did miss this place, he or she will rue the unsuccessful journey.

The front of the restaurant is has pictures posted up on it, depicting the various dishes one could partake inside. The place is not advertised to my knowledge and is one of the best kept secrets in the Perth culinary world. A friend had recommended it to me and even though it isn't advertised, bookings are a must to avoid disappointment. Take away is an option for those gamblers who turn up and are faced with fully booked tables. One reason why booking are essential is the fact the restaurant only as about twenty seats for diners.

This particular evening I indeed rolled the dice without booking but increased my odds by going at 6pm. I was sat at one of the counter seats where the diner has unhindered view into the kitchen. The kitchen is populated by wait staff that attend to the garnishes on each dish and a sous chef that helps preparation. However the head chef does all the cooking, from the preparation of sushi rolls to the cooking of mains on the stove top.

For the entree I had sushi topped with uni (sea urchin). This was the first time I had uni and I suggest you try it as the flavour is quite unique, a taste of the sea is a good analogy. I also ordered the grilled squid tentacles. The squid was a bright pink with charred sections here and there. It was grilled just right, very tender with a great grilled flavour. The accompanying mayonnaise was a good companion but I did find that some bits were a bit too salty.

For my main I had the fillet steak. You might be thinking "fillet steak? from a Japanese restaurant?" and I did think that too. However I stuck to my guns and ordered it. The steak was grilled, sliced, sauteed in teriyaki sauce, and stacked back to its original fillet mignon shape. Four slices of shitaki mushroom lay in shallow pool of more teriyaki sauce that framed the beef which was garnished with thinly sliced spring onion on top. I'm glad I stuck to my guns as the steak was perfectly cooked and tender. The sauce made it even tastier but again it was approaching the salty side. I'm glad I had some rice to help combat the saltiness.

Overall the meal was great and I thoroughly recommend that you go and try this place. Do remember to book to avoid disappointment!

Food : 6.5/8.0 - High marks for presentation and taste. Maybe a bit salty for some palettes.
Value : 1.0/2.0 - Entrees are around $8 with mains averaging $20.

Final Rating : 75%

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