Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tra Vinh

For those who read this blog (is there anyone out there?) one can conclude that I like my Vietnamese food, especially pho.  One of the places I usually go to is Tra Vinh.

Tra Vinh is a casual and popular Vietnamese eatery in the north of Perth.  When seated expect a menu and complimentary chinese tea.  The menu is quite extensive but I order my usual, pho with raw beef and beef ball.  I also order some stuffed chicken wings.

 Since I am here for lunch, all dishes arrive at the same time.  I get stuck into the chicken wings which are pretty ugly.  The inside contains several items, chicken, pork and herbs are in there.  However it is dry and even dipping in the accompanying dipping sauce doesn't take the edge of.  A disappointment.  The pho comes with the obligatory vietnamese mint, bean sprouts and chilli.  I throw in the sprouts and chilli, give the bowl a bit of a stir and have a taste.  The pho is tasty, unfortunately the chilli wasn't hot so it's missing the kick that I like.  There are plenty of noodles, beef and beef ball.  The pho gets tastier as you eat more of it but it seems to be lacking something.

The service is pretty good if not engaging.  I use to like this place better and the stuffed chicken wings had tarnished the meal.  I think the chef has changed which as resulted in a slight drop in quality and taste.

Food - 6.0 - Pho is good.  Skip the stuffed chicken wings.
Value - 1.0 - typical prices.

Final rating: 70%

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