Saturday, June 5, 2010

Il Padrino Cafe

One of my friend's love this place and eats at this place weekly.  For lunch one day I joined him.  Il Padrino Cafe has been an institution in Northbridge for a while now and fairly recently moved on to James Street due to construction work at its old location.

Expect to be seated quickly and your drinks order taken by an abrupt lady.  Some may be slightly shocked but she's been there a while now and the regulars are used to it.  Pizza and pasta are the main fare here and there is quite a selection of pizzas to choose from.  Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, clearly visible from the dining area.  I order the Il Padrino pizza.

The Il Padrino pizza comes after a brief wait.  The Il Padrino pizza is topped with mushroom, prosciutto and chilli flakes.  I tuck in and the pizza and the combination of ingredients and the way it is cook is a great combination.  The pizza isn't too cheesy or too greasy and the small amount of chilli gives it a tiny kick.  A pizza can feed two but take note that the pizzas are on thin pizza bases.

The pizza is eaten as a whole in short while, polished off by a refreshing Peroni.

Il Padrino Cafe is a great place to go for pizza for lunch, dinner or a late night snack after a night on the town.

The service is quite friendly and you will be asked if everything is OK and if you need new drinks.

Food - 7.0 - Pizza is great.  Won't find many better.
Value - 1.0 - Lunch specials, watch out for drink prices.

Final rating: 80%

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  1. You're right about the abrupt lady! I really enjoyed the Papa Benedictine 16th and the marinara pizzas. The others were OK and didn't blow me away. We also had the chocolate dessert pizza but that was pretty average.

  2. this place is well average, marinara pizza that had a chopped up crab stick in it !!! frozen bag of seafood surprize me thinks..

    thumbs down. pasta that was made from jar sauce. below par